This is the GRBL-LPC firmware for Cohesion3D Mini.  It has been modified for the endstops as they are configured on this board.  This is a 3 axis version (XYZ), no rotary support in this compile:

Copy just the firmware.bin file onto the MicroSD Card in your Cohesion3D Mini, power up or reset the board.

The LEDs will behave differently than on Smoothie (do not expect to see the green LEDs flashing like before).  If you need to check, you can put your MicroSD card into a computer via reader and the file on the card should have changed from firmware.bin to FIRMWARE.CUR. 

This uses a different usb-serial driver than Smoothieware. Windows 10 should recognize it automatically. If it doesn't, try installing VCOM_lib/usbser.inf.  This inf file is also in the Dropbox linked above. 

GRBL-LPC is a community project, support inquiries should be addressed to the Cohesion3D G+ group:

Newer releases can be found here, make sure you select the one for your board:

Thank you to Jim Fong and the LaserWeb Developers!